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The Rapyd Web Payments Page is a simple and secure way to do business on the Internet, both for large online stores and for smaller merchants.

When using the Web Payments Page, Merchants do not need to ask for or handle card information on their web sites. Merchants who need to attain PCI certification can therefore reduce the scope of the certification process.

The Payment Page accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners and American Express).

When a customer opens the Rapyd Web Payments page, the merchant can request the following personal information: name, address, postal code, city, country, phone number, e-mail address and comments, and attach it to the payment.

When payment is complete, a printable, an itemised receipt is displayed showing the purchases and the customer is directed to the merchant's web site.

Further information on this process can be found here.

Simple HTML links are available for small merchants. These links are placed on the merchant's web site on a page where a particular product and price have been placed.

This is the easiest way to connect to the Rapyd Web Payments Page.

For further information, contact Rapyd Merchant Solutions by phone on 525-2080.